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Mobile-First Casinos : Their Role in the Continuing Growth of the Global Online Gambling Industry

Early adoption of mobile-first technology is one of the reasons why the online gambling industry has been experiencing a steady growth despite the pandemic. The mobile-first technology enabled adult members of households to engage in mobile gambling privately and with full enjoyment during the quarantine periods.

Actually, mobile devices have become the primary means by which recreational gamblers access gambling and betting websites. Statistically, global market reports revealed that smartphone sales have in fact exceeded personal computer sales.

That being the trend during the past years, the next best thing igaming companies had to do was to adopt mobile-first technologies in order to align games and websites with the changing behavior of customers.

What Exactly is the Mobile-First Design Concept?

Mobile-first in online gambling is mainly about prioritizing development of designs toward enhancing the gaming experience of mobile device users; ahead of tackling designs for desktops or laptops. Whereas mobile gambling before was just an afterthought in website and game designs, the approach shifted to planning strategies based on experience of smartphone users.

Reference to user experience is in relation to how gamblers interact with a particular online gambling site and its products, services and systems while using their smartphone or tablet. This further translates into overall satisfaction, based on a customer’s perception of ease of use, efficiency and utility, even when accessing an online casino while on the go.

Smartphone users typically view multiple contexts, which makes it necessary to make text and images easier to read, view and navigate, despite the small screen on which contents are being viewed by a mobile gambler. Instead of prompting customers to change or modify their device settings, a mobile-first online casino website automatically adjusts responsively.

Mobile first online casinos use touch, hand gestures and automation features as the ability to type in commands and lengthy messages is affected by the lack of a keyboard.

No Registration Casinos as a Mobile-First Casino Feature

The latest mobile-first innovation that is gaining popularity among mobile gamblers is the No Registration (No Account) feature that does away with the need for customers to supply ID information, by using automated ID verification. At the forefront of the automated ID verification technology is Trustly, a multifaceted payment processor that has global links with various payment gateways and financial institutions.

Aside from providing payment services, Trustly’s automated ID verification technology enables a mobile-first casino to comply with the basic Know-Your-Customer (KYC) policy and other fraud protection requisites.

While most No Registration gambling websites are known as Pay and Play casinos, there are hybrid mobile-first casinos that also use Trustly’s automated ID verification and payment processing services. Checkout the list of No Registration online gambling websites reviewed by Casinochap, as it can also serve as a reference guide when looking for the best hybrid casinos to access.

Mobile Casino Gaming: A New Exciting Way of Gambling

Convenience is basically the main reason why most real casino bettors are switching into mobile casino gaming. Well, if you are a casino addict, this type of casino gaming is the perfect one for you. It allows you to play casino everywhere, even when you are waiting in lines.

Moreover, if you are still in doubt about your casino skills, better to practice them first through mobile casino gaming. You can play cards while you are commuting or having a ride. The mobile gaming has made its name on the field of the gambling. The types of games over the mobile all come in a fully-optimized version.

List of Casino Games Popular Over Mobile Phone

  • Baccarat – popular variant to play: Punto Banco
  • Blackjack – popular variant to play: American Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Keno – popular variant to play: Keno Classic
  • Roulette – popular variant to play: European Roulette
  • Sic Bo
  • Slots – popular variant to play: Three Reel Classics
  • Video Poker – popular variant to play: Deuces Wild

Smartphones Capability to Mobile Casinos

Mobile online casinos have compatibility features with specific devices and providers that support software for gaming.

iPhone and iPad users may find particular pages for iOS gaming. In case you are Samsung, Nexus, or Motorola users, you would never find a problem as there are also plenty of gaming pages available. Even users of Windows and Blackberry may also play with ease.


Eating is something normal, everyday. We have to eat to survive, but at the same time we also love to eat delicious things. Eating is not just a supply of nutrients that our bodies need to perform their service. It is also pleasure and for some people it is a real passion. Anyone who likes to cook or even stands in the kitchen for work knows this all too well. Just like in real life, video game characters also eat. At ‘먹튀검증’ you can check the food you are eating. The topic of food is just as diverse as in real life and even in video and computer games. That’s why we’ll take a closer look at it. So we take us on a culinary journey through virtual worlds.


It is round, yellow and totally devoured. We’re talking about Pac-Man, of course. In the 1980 arcade game of the same name, he feeds not only yellow pills, but also fruit, such as cherries. Because even the spherical being knows that this is healthy – and gives extra points. Since Pac-Man, the meaning and purpose of pixel eating in games has changed. Surely there are still titles today in which edibles are simply a points supplier. Just think of the “Candy Crush” games. In which, you sort candy according to the match 3 principle so that rows of at least three objects of the same type form within the grid.


Especially in role-playing games, food serves as a healing item. If there is no healing potion at hand, you just reach for the apple or the meat leg. In the classic Secret of Mana, there are no alchemical fluids that regenerate your life energy. Here, candies, chocolate and jam prevent you from blessing the temporal. Walnuts, on the other hand, replenish the mana you need to cast spells.

In various games, food also looks slightly different from a healing potion. While the latter immediately restores a fixed amount of life energy, bread, meat and co provide an effect that gradually regenerates lost life points over a period of a few seconds. A well-known example of this is World of Warcraft. In Blizzard Entertainment’s MMORPG, it used to be standard that after a few fights you had to sit down and feed something to regain strength. Healing potions, on the other hand, were more expensive than food and were only drunk in emergencies during a struggle, so as not to suddenly find themselves in front of the nearest spiritual healer.


In role-playing games, food is sometimes more, sometimes less important, but never really a core element. But this is also different, as survival games prove. These focus on the fight for survival and this includes not only defending themselves against zombies (DayZ), wild animals (Subnautica) or cannibalistic natives (The Forest), but also regularly eating and drinking. Therefore, it is important to explore the game world to find food, be it any canned food or what nature has to offer (plants or animals that can be killed). Ideally, you’ll grow your own edibles in your base. Each Minecraft player will sooner or later have fields in survival mode that they order, as well as an enclosure with pigs or cows.

In survival games, food is not just consumables that have an effect on one’s own character. It is usually about a whole game system, called crafting. In addition to the production of tools or the construction of your own shelter, cooking also plays an important role. If you kill a water pig or tapir in Green Hell, for example, you shouldn’t just get your way with raw meat. After all, this is not healthy. So you fry it over a campfire.


In addition, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild celebrates the themes of cooking and eating. When you prepare a dish, the ingredients jump in the pot and result in a distinctive sound, which is actually to be categorized as music, especially since Link hums appropriately. And when you take your meal to you, a sympathetic animation is played of how the hero stuffs the food into himself and then pats his belly to signal: “I am well nourished”.

Video Game Gambling – A Problem?

Several members of the Bavarian state government are calling for more protection of minors in video games with loot boxes. They advocate viewing loot boxes in an application as a game of chance and shielding young people from it. Gambling in video games or games of chance like agen bola has been a concern for a number of years. The loot boxes in the widely held open-world game “GTA Online” are fueling the debate.

What are loot boxes?

In the mid-2000s, loot boxes have first appeared in Asian video games. They are now an essential part of countless popular games such as the battle royal game “Fortnite” and the sports simulation “FIFA 19”. With real money, the boxes can be bought. They have virtual objects. These can be exclusively cosmetic as in the case of “Fortnite”, for example, a new skin for your character. However, they can also have a significant impact on success in the game, as is the case, for example, with the “Ultimate Team” game mode in “FIFA 19”. The contents of the boxes are random, there are common and rare items. So if you are unlucky you will only get bad items that are worth significantly less in the in-game market.

The case of “FIFA 19” – gambling or not?

In particular, the game mode “Ultimate Team” of the popular football simulation series “FIFA” is repeatedly criticized. In the game, you can buy packs containing random players for real money. Decent players upgrade a team significantly so that they can be used to become more successful in online games. Therefore, the game mode falls into the “Pay to Win” category. Frequently even hundreds of money are not enough to build a strong team right from the start. A similarity with gambling can hardly be denied.

This is mainly problematic since the game is approved for ages 0 and up. Buying packs for real money is permitted only from the age of 18, but the safety regulations can easily be bypassed on the consoles. In Belgium, you can no longer put money into “FIFA 19”. The Belgian government professed loot boxes to be prohibited. Developer Electronic Arts reluctantly gave in and removed the in-game purchases from the Belgian version of the game.

Advantages In Playing Online Casino

The simple fact that you’re not being plied with alcohol at the same time you bet is a benefit. After all, you want and have to be sharp and focused when searching for money — your money. And where else are you going to be able to concentrate? Where else than in the privacy and comfort of your own house and have the best moment of your life playing on the best casino site like 더킹?


Online casinos Are Extremely convenient

You won’t hear that from an internet casino worker; “Dont you believe you’ve gambled sufficient? We are required by law to inquire every 75 hours” Disclaimer: we aren’t inviting you to bet online for 75 straight hours. You shouldn’t ever gamble for 75 straight hours. All that we’re saying is that you can. In theory. Do not do it, however.

Nowadays you need to walk all of the ways to a different casino. Not with online gaming, nevertheless. You’re able to put on a wedding gown if you’d like and nobody will take objection. Moreover, countless hundreds of different online casinos are only one click away. Which means you’ve got access to hundreds of bookmakers. Countless promotions. Hundreds of gambling markets. Compare odds from countless resources and finds exactly what works best for you.


A wider assortment of games

Room is no problem for an internet casino. No feng shui crap is necessary to adapt craps tables, roulettes, slot machines, and such. We aren’t talking about routine space. We’re speaking about web space, which will be tantamount to hammer space. All of that is to state that online casinos provide a veritable cornucopia of matches. A lot of which are not free. Nowadays the vast majority of online casinos provide a free play version of a few of the matches or even all. What is good about this is you get to perform it with no danger. A good deal of novices plays free matches when they’re starting so they can find the hang of it until they make the transition into playing for actual cash. What’s more, several internet casino games are enjoyable enough to play with no cash too.


Online casinos benefit clients

Online casinos gives benefit to older clients but they also benefit new clients. The latter happens in the shape of signup bonuses. These bonuses more frequently than not are bonus chips with which to perform with. Thus, right from the get-go, sight unseen, online casinos can create a sense of quite welcome. And they’ll provide you great reasons to remain also. They’ll reward you for your devotion.


Loyalty points reward gamers maybe not for the sum they triumph, but due to their devotion to this website — since the very word suggests. It follows that if you gamble at an online casino, even when you’re on a losing streak, you may nevertheless be racking up loyalty points. These points may later be used to purchase casino credits or to win prizes. The longer you gamble at a specific online casino, the more things you’ll be awarded along with the more rewards you’ll get. Now compare to brick and mortar casino bonuses. The above free drinks, dinners, or even a resort update. Lame.

Online casinos are Simple to use

Launching an account is a straightforward procedure. You’ll be playing right away. Online casinos also provide many deposit options — charge card, debit card, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and many, many more — which makes it simple to fund your accounts.

Gambling apps for Android and iOS

An online casino that holds its own should not neglect the offer for mobile customers. There are countless apps for all kinds of casino games in the app stores for iOS and Android devices. The choice is huge – as is the temptation to start winning straight away. But where money is involved, the question of security should always arise.

Which apps do online casinos currently offer?

Online casinos implement the offer for mobile use in two ways. Either it is a download app or a mobile website that the player calls up in the browser without a download. Basically, no casino customer has to do without access via smartphone and tablet. However, not every online casino has its own app, although a lot is happening in this regard.

Which casino apps a mobile user can access depends on the area of ​​online gambling on whether it is a mobile device with an Android or iOS operating system. Online sports gambling such as agen bola also can be accessed through an Android or iOS operating system. Owners of iPhones and iPads have the greatest choice because Android users have no way of accessing apps with which they can participate in real money games. Google has banned such apps from its store.

The security in mobile casinos as the most important factor for registration

No matter how good an online casino can be and no matter how many great offers if the security of smartphone and tablet users is not taken seriously, players should definitely keep their hands off this casino. It’s not that difficult to find out about the security precautions of a casino. A gaming provider that cares enough about the protection of its customers will be happy to provide the relevant information.

The licensing of the casino is a good indication of reliability. A gaming license states, among other things, that the casino provider complies with certain security standards and that these are subject to regular checks. Encrypted data transmission is another aspect that should not be missing in the casino app. The SSL encryption is a common international standard, may waive the no safe online casino.

Top 3 Gambling Centers in the World

In terms of gambling and gaming, there is a very little to no difference at all. No matter the place of your living or the amount of your bet, we are still battling the odds. But, there are countries that tend to have a higher rate of gaming turn-over. 

The question is what are those countries that gambles a lot? If you want to know them, let’s try to discover them one-by-one. 

Major Gambling Countries in the World

Here are the three of the major countries in which gambling is at its highest rate:

1. Macau

Actually, in China, gambling is highly illegal but somewhere in that country is where you can find the topmost gambling haven in the world. It is none other than Macau in which the 50% of the revenue come from gambling itself. Last 2018, Macau garnered about $38 billion of revenue from gambling.

Games Highly Played: Casino

2. United States of America

Gambling in the US has a value of up to $261 billion and it offers about 1.8 million jobs. Since gambling is banned in almost other states in US, it is where in Nevada in which gambling is prioritized. 

The USLV statistics reveal that the gaming revenue for commercial casino in US is on a steady rise for years.

Games Highly Played: Casino, Bingo, Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), Horseracing, Lottery, Poker, Sportsbetting

3. United Kingdom

Last 2018, the gambling industry in Britain garnered around £14.4 billion based on statistics. Aside from that, there is a 32% estimated gambling population per week.

Games Highly Played: Bingo, Casino, Horseracing, Lottery, Mobile gaming, Poker, Sportsbetting, Social gaming


How To Choose The Online Casino

Man using his cellphone
Online casinos are not anything more than online versions of classic casinos. The prevalence of internet casinos has been rising quickly lately. Online casinos make it possible for casinos to play with their favorite casino games inside the limits of their own property. If you want to know more about casinos and wish to play online, these hints can allow you to discover the ideal casino websites on the web.

  • When selecting an internet casino, the most crucial thing to do would be to check whether the casino enrollment method is great. The enrollment procedure ought to be so it must run a comprehensive confirmation of identity and maintain your private data secure. Some internet casinos ask that you put in your username along with the casino (administrator description) supplies a password. It’s suggested to not combine such casinos since the passwords determined by the administrator are readily deciphered and readily connected.
  • When picking a casino, then it’s also advisable to think of the security element. You have to select a casino that supplies you with financial security. You need to select an online casino that utilizes dependable and authoritative cash transfer instruments.
  • To prevent any hassle, then you ought to read the facts of the arrangement carefully prior to linking. It’s possible to readily differentiate authentic casinos from others by arrangement. That is a thorough description of the contracts in casinos that are legitimate. You shouldn’t combine a website that won’t comply with its own rules and regulations because it’s more inclined to be an imitation.
  • After all of your safety concerns are addressed, you are able to select a casino that provides the ideal gaming experience plus a high excellent user interface.
  • You ought to pick a casino site that supplies a fantastic payment strategy. You might even have a look through the online casinos to get websites offering bonuses only found in great online casino sites such as domino qiu qiu.
  • Last, ensure the casino website takes players in the nation where you reside. By way of instance, not many casinos take US casinos, so be certain that the website takes players from the nation.

As soon as you decide on an internet casino, you wish to earn money and triumph. The crucial thing is to learn the fundamentals of casinos. These hints can allow you to develop into a fantastic gambler.

  • Before betting online, you need to choose how much you are going to play with. Successful money management is the most elementary idea of getting an aggressive gambler. If you decide on a limit for yourself, then you’ll have less cash and just what you could afford.
  • To acquire you need to be somewhat patient and knowledgeable about the hints of different players. If you find other gamers in the function, you are able to take advantage and you’re able to boost your bet and boost your probability of winning.
  • Should If you’re just beginning, you need to always begin with sports that require only limited expertise. Though these games do not generally give huge wins, they can allow you to become a much better player and give you an opportunity to obtain experience. You shouldn’t play complex games unless you’re well-prepared and seasoned. As soon as you have the assurance to win in those games, then you can bet online matches that need high skills and comprehension.
  • Online. Among the most essential things that you can do in order to succeed in online gambling would be to stop gambling. Even when you’re reckless and maintain gambling, you are able to get rid of a great deal of cash whenever you’re losing indefinitely. Whenever you’re on the shedding line, you must quit gambling instantly.


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Games of Chance in Traditional and Online Casinos

Traditional and online casinos (우리카지노) offer almost the same classic games. However, there is what’s so-called the little game and the big game. Let’s find out which ones are classified as little or big.

Top 5 Casino Games – The Best Card, Dice, And Tabletop Games

Little game

Slot machines in casinos or casinos are also referred to as “small games” – in contrast to the “big games”, which include poker, roulette, or blackjack, for example.

Especially the famous and so-called “one-armed bandits” are known to many people when it comes to gaming machines. This name comes from a time when the gaming machines were still started with a lever.

Similar to slot machines in amusement arcades or restaurants , the aim of the game is that three to five symbols remain in a matching position. The variants of the small game also include roulette and other winning machines. The stake is usually between 1 cent and € 250.00. Winnings are paid out immediately, they can be very high with up to € 50,000.00. However, the likelihood of such a substantial gain is extremely slim.

Big game

Roulette and card games (blackjack, poker, baccarat) in casinos are part of what is known as the “big game” in casinos.

Before the game, an amount of money is exchanged for chips , which then serve as stakes. After the game, the remaining chips and any chips that may have been won are exchanged for real money.

The winnings, which can range from doubling the amount of money to 35 times its value, are paid out immediately. The game of poker has enjoyed great popularity in recent years , especially on online platforms and in the context of public poker tournaments.

In casinos, poker is one of the traditional card games in which different players compete against each other. The aim of the game is to collect cards with the highest possible value and to lead the other players astray by bluffing. Although people differ in their ability to bluff, in poker, too, chance determines to a large extent whether a game is won or lost. In this sense, poker is also a game that depends on luck – a game of chance.

Black Jack is a card game in which the players compete against the bank. A game is won when either the card value reaches 21 or a value closer to 21 than the bank’s card value. Baccarat follows a similar game principle as Black Jack – here too the aim of the game is to reach a certain card value (nine points) or to come as close as possible to this card value. In contrast to Black Jack, the players do not play against a bank, but against each other.

What risk potential does gambling in casinos and online casinos pose?

The offers in casinos are highly addictive:

  • The sequence of the individual games is very fast, even faster than with slot machines in amusement arcades or restaurants . The overview of one’s own profit/loss balance can easily be lost with this variant of gambling, losses when playing at the slot machine can quickly get out of view. Instead, the next game or the hope of the next win beckon.
  • By using tokens , the feeling for the real loss of money can also be lost. The winnings are paid out immediately. Game and win are therefore closer together. As a result, the win acts more as a reward for the previous game.
  • The players are actively involved in the game and can thus gain the (deceptive) impression that they can influence the outcome of the game.
  • The impression of “almost winning” can arise, for example, if only two symbols appear instead of the necessary three, in roulette the neighboring number wins, or in blackjack, the card value barely exceeds 21.

Casinos or (gaming) casinos are licensed by the state and are publicly monitored. Measures to prevent the harmful consequences of gambling are implemented there. For example, the employees in casinos are trained in dealing with gamblers who show problematic gambling behavior. These include, for example, controls at admission and options for blocking players.