How to Play Pai Gow Poker

The interesting mix of poker and Chinese dominoes known as Pai Gow Poker may appear intimidating. Its thrilling gameplay and strategic decisions might make it a great casino addition.

Explore Pai Gow

Poker with us and learn to master it. A pledge unlike regular poker, you are not competing against others. Poker players are dealt seven cards, which can be used to produce a high hand with five cards and a low hand with two.

Secret twist? A ranking system should place the low hand underneath the high hand.

Using Luck and Skill Pai Gow

Poker requires ability (hand planning) and luck (hoping for the best). Some guidelines to help:

Strengthening Your Muscles

We can now discuss strategy. You can arrange your cards as you like to acquire the best high and low hand. Only pairs count when you have the bottom hand, not straights or flushes.

Confronting Trader

After you establish your hands, the dealer will show their high and low hands. You win if your high and low hands beat the dealer’s. A push occurs when you win one but lose the other.

Increase Short Hand Weight

Always seek for a low pair or high card combination to boost your low hand.

Understand Hand Ranking

Learn poker hand rankings to make informed decisions.

Perfecting Through Practice

Before playing for real money, try one of several online casinos’ free Pai Gow Poker games.


Pai Gow Poker is a unique casino game that combines strategy and chance. After practicing and reading this, you’ll be ready to play Pai Gow Poker and test your hand-making skills. Gamble responsibly and have fun!