Level Up the Gaming Excitement: New VR Games are Here

The world of virtual reality is constantly evolving, pushing the boundaries between the real world and the digital realm. In the exciting year of 2024, a wave of remarkable VR games is on the horizon, ready to redefine the limits of immersion and storytelling.

Upcoming VR Games to Look Forward To

Check out these upcoming titles that are a must for VR enthusiasts:

Behemoth (Late 2024, PSVR2, PC VR)

Experience the thrill of facing colossal creatures and engaging in epic battles in this immersive monster-hunting game. Picture yourself clinging onto a colossal creature resembling a skyscraper, as you skillfully navigate through its innards – this is the thrilling virtual reality experience that Behemoth guarantees.

Metro Awakening (2024, PC VR, PSVR2, Quest)

Immerse yourself in the gripping post-apocalyptic world of Metro as it comes to life in VR. Explore for resources, defend against menacing mutants, and immerse yourself in the ambiance of a decaying world like never before.

Wanderer: The Fragments of Fate (TBA, PSVR2, PC VR, Quest)

Get on into an enchanting adventure through a lost realm, unraveling intricate puzzles and bending time to restore a broken world. Wanderer’s emphasis on exploration and immersive storytelling makes it an ideal VR adventure.

Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable (H2, 2024, Quest)

Get ready to join the Survey Corps and face off against colossal Titans in an exhilarating VR adventure. Experience the thrill of soaring through the air with ODM gear, devising strategies with your squad, and feeling the surge of adrenaline as you fight for the survival of mankind.


Here are a few examples of the thrilling VR games coming soon. Whether you’re seeking heart-pounding action or thrilling adventures, 2024 has a wide array of options to satisfy every VR enthusiast. Get ready to dive into these captivating worlds and truly feel the enchantment of VR for yourself.