These days, there are so many options for sportsbooks online. Most probably, you have seen that some of them have odds available for extreme sports too.

Extreme sports are basically any sporting events that are considered to be more dangerous than common sports; hence its name. Some known examples of extreme sports include but not limited to the following:

  • Mountain biking
  • Surfing
  • Rock climbing
  • Deep-sea scuba diving

While it is very unlikely to bet on these types of sports, still, bookmakers understand that there is a market for it.

Extreme Sports Categories

There are different classifications for extreme sports with some examples discussed below:

Water Sports

Sports that fall under this category are self-explanatory.

All activities are done either on or in the water with some examples include kiteboarding, windsurfing, diving and surfing.

Hillside Sports

From rock climbing, BMX racing, mountain biking, cliff jumping and Motocross, all of these fall into this group.

Winter Sports

As what the name implies, these types of extreme sports can be played and hosted only during winter months or season similar to snowmobiling, skiing and snowboarding.

Air Sports

Whether it is parachuting, air diving or paragliding, all of these are considered extreme air sports.

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