Bonus Elements and Features to Consider When Looking for Slot Gacor Games

man gambling onlineWhile many think of a slot gacor game choices as those with high Return to Player (RTP) rates, how to win big is still a question that online slot players want to find out.

Apparently, RTP rates are only as good as the average amount of bets placed as stakes on a game over a pre-programmed game period. The RTP percentage is merely a theoretical statistical calculation of what lucky players stand to gain if they keep on playing with the slot for long term.

Special Elements and The Bonus Features They Activate

online gambling winningsWhat slot players need to assess are the bonus features as they are the heart of every slot gacor game. In addition to the high RTP, distinguishing elements such as Wilds and Scatter Symbols, as well as the bonus payouts, free-spins rounds and win maximizers that the special elements activate, are the deciding factors for many online slot players.
Let’s take a closer look at how each element increases chances of garnering substantial bonus rewards when playing a slot gacor game:

Wild Symbols

Wild Symbols emerged as special elements in modern-day video slots. Mainly because landing matched symbols aligned in winning payline patterns on a 5x 3 grid, was a challenging feat to achieve as outcomes.

In modern slot games, Wild Symbols appearing in a payline along with matched symbols can help complete three, four or five-symbol winning combinations. As developers of slot games want to give players better gaming experiences in order to draw them into playing at online casinos. Some game designs made Wild Symbols more rewarding: such as awarding players with a jackpot prize if they land a 5-symbol payline composed purely of Wild Symbols. Some others integrated Wild Symbols with prize multipliers as elements of both base and bonus game plays.

To further increase chances of hitting matched combinations with the help of Wild Symbols, developers incorporated Wild icons appearing as Stacked Wilds, Expanding Wilds, Sticky Wilds and Shifting Wild that naturally increase their occurrence and their ability to act as substitute symbols.

Scatter Symbols

Unlike Wild Symbols, Scatter Symbols usually do not need to take up specific grid positions in activating a bonus feature such as a free-spins round or a mini-interactive game that follows the theme of the slot.

They are labelled as Scatter Symbols because they can appear anywhere or occupy any position; although some games restrict Scatter appearances in specific reels. It typically takes the emergence of three, four or five Scatter Symbols to trigger the activation of a bonus game.

In most cases, Scatter Symbols pay Scatter Rewards as an additional bonus feature, of which the amount depends on the number of Scatters appearing as bonus game trigger symbols. Also, the number of Scatter Symbols appearing as activators determine the number of Free-Spins or the type of Win-Maximizers incorporated into a bonus round or mini-game.

Win Maximizers

Win maximizers come in different forms but all for the single purpose of increasing the potential rewards that a player stands to receive when entering a bonus round or mini game. Examples of these elements include but are not limited to Extra Free Spins, Respins, Win-Multipliers. Cascading Reels, Expanding Reels and multiple ways to win, including the right-to-left order of symbol appearances.