Homers Odyssey

The sum of money that a player bet on sports will largely depend on their budget or as what in the gambling world calls, “bankroll”. Once again, when you are deciding on the deposit amount, you must not deposit no greater than the amount that you can afford to lose. Pick on a starting amount that if ever you lost, you will simply shrug it off and not create any impact on your life.

How much You should Bet from Your Bankroll?

The moment that your bankroll is decided you must not bet more than 5 percent of it. So say that you have a bankroll of 100 dollars. It seems to be a petty amount but you have to limit yourself to betting a max of 5 dollars or less for each bet.

A term that is frequently used here is “units”. Generally speaking, a “unit” is equivalent to 1 percent of your bankroll. Therefore, if 100 dollars is your starting bankroll, then 5-unit is similar as 5 dollars.

Manage Expectations

If there’s one thing that you got to know about sports betting, then it is the fact that it is an unpredicted thing to master. You might have been watching NBA for half of your life but still, you can’t make accurate predictions of how the game would turn out.