Types of Poker Tournament to Join at

There are so many poker tournaments that are hosted nowadays. However, among the most popular would be the Texas Hold’em. Though this isn’t the only type of poker tournament available as there are many other options available too including Stud, Omaha, Horse and sometimes, mixed of other games. For instance, no limit. If you heard of this type of tournament or game, it means that there is no limit on the poker table. It can be on the bet amount, the pot limit and so on.

Which Tournament Type You’ll Join?

On top of the stakes and game, another option that you need to finalize would be the tournament type you wish to play. And mind you, there are tons of them. Some of the most popular are the following:


Majority of the tournaments hosted actually fall under this category. The rule is simple, by the time you have lost your chips, you are out of the game.


Almost the same with freezeout only in this case, players have the option to buy back into the tournament when they have lost their chips.

Turbo/Super Turbo

The levels here are a lot faster. Rather than 20 minutes or more, they are somewhere in the region of 3 to 10 minutes only. This is the reason why this tournament type needs serious strategy since with faster blinds, it means that luck is more involved than the actual skill of the player.


This is simply any kind of poker tournament in which the prize pool is guaranteed. This is regardless of the number of players who showed up for the tourney. This is perfect because if players do not make up for the prize pool, it will be covered by the room host. This is otherwise referred to as overlay.


These are actually tournaments in which the prize are seats to the higher and more expensive and prestigious tournament.

What makes poker tournaments so unique is the fact that there are so many series and events that can be joined in. A series for example is just a set of tournaments that are hosted either by a venue or a poker site. They have bigger buy-ins, satellites to accommodate the entire series tournaments and at times, giving out jewelry among winners.

While the idea of joining poker tournaments can persuade a person to practice their poker skills, it is best to try it out on regular games and sit on a table in nieuwe online casino.