Mobile-First Casinos : Their Role in the Continuing Growth of the Global Online Gambling Industry

Early adoption of mobile-first technology is one of the reasons why the online gambling industry has been experiencing a steady growth despite the pandemic. The mobile-first technology enabled adult members of households to engage in mobile gambling privately and with full enjoyment during the quarantine periods.

Actually, mobile devices have become the primary means by which recreational gamblers access gambling and betting websites. Statistically, global market reports revealed that smartphone sales have in fact exceeded personal computer sales.

That being the trend during the past years, the next best thing igaming companies had to do was to adopt mobile-first technologies in order to align games and websites with the changing behavior of customers.

What Exactly is the Mobile-First Design Concept?

Mobile-first in online gambling is mainly about prioritizing development of designs toward enhancing the gaming experience of mobile device users; ahead of tackling designs for desktops or laptops. Whereas mobile gambling before was just an afterthought in website and game designs, the approach shifted to planning strategies based on experience of smartphone users.

Reference to user experience is in relation to how gamblers interact with a particular online gambling site and its products, services and systems while using their smartphone or tablet. This further translates into overall satisfaction, based on a customer’s perception of ease of use, efficiency and utility, even when accessing an online casino while on the go.

Smartphone users typically view multiple contexts, which makes it necessary to make text and images easier to read, view and navigate, despite the small screen on which contents are being viewed by a mobile gambler. Instead of prompting customers to change or modify their device settings, a mobile-first online casino website automatically adjusts responsively.

Mobile first online casinos use touch, hand gestures and automation features as the ability to type in commands and lengthy messages is affected by the lack of a keyboard.

No Registration Casinos as a Mobile-First Casino Feature

The latest mobile-first innovation that is gaining popularity among mobile gamblers is the No Registration (No Account) feature that does away with the need for customers to supply ID information, by using automated ID verification. At the forefront of the automated ID verification technology is Trustly, a multifaceted payment processor that has global links with various payment gateways and financial institutions.

Aside from providing payment services, Trustly’s automated ID verification technology enables a mobile-first casino to comply with the basic Know-Your-Customer (KYC) policy and other fraud protection requisites.

While most No Registration gambling websites are known as Pay and Play casinos, there are hybrid mobile-first casinos that also use Trustly’s automated ID verification and payment processing services. Checkout the list of No Registration online gambling websites reviewed by Casinochap, as it can also serve as a reference guide when looking for the best hybrid casinos to access.