LoL-Wild Rift Mobile Game Slated to have a Global eSports Tournament in Late 2021

The League of Legends, is undisputedly, still the most popular game in South Korea for decades now, even if in other countries DOTA 2 became the new favorite. Last year, avid LoL players were so appreciative of Riot Games’ release of a mobile version called League of Legends: Wild Rift (LoL:WR). That is why even prior to Riot Game’s announcement last week of a Global Wild Rift eSports Tournament sometime later this year. Riot Games Korea has already been hosting LoL:WR online competitions at Twitch.

After all, mobile gaming has already surpassed console and PC gaming in this Asian country, as more than half of the Korean population in all ages below 60, are into playing mobile games. Actually, since Riot Game’s launch of LoL:WR in October 27, 2020, numerous regional competitions have been launched by third party tournament organizers, particularly in the Asia Pacific region.

Apparently, there’s also a lot of esports betting already going on as well, since mostly professional esport teams have been taking part in the pre-global events. South Korean LoL:WR mobile gamers who are also mobile sports betting enthusiasts should check out this website to find out if there are betting offers for the regional esports LoL:WR tourneys. The website is available in Korean language and its platform can connect customers to various trusted online sportsbooks offering esports betting markets.

According to Leo Faria, the Global Head of LoL: Wild Rift Esports, Southeast Asian organizations like Flash Wolves, RRq and the Alliance have already kicked off with their WR tournaments. In Japan, an open LOL: WR tournament is already scheduled on May 29, with the final event to take place between July and October, 2021 The winner will be the region’s official entrant to the Global LoL: Wild Rift eSports.

About League of Legends: Wild Rift Mobile Game

League of Legends: Wild Rift is obviously built on the IP content of the League of Legends but published as a multiplayer (5-on-5 players) online battle arena (MOBA) game for devices running on iOS or Android OS.

A team of players control a “champion” out to do battle against an equally impressive opposing team of players (or AI-controlled team), to destroy each other’s “Nexus.”

The Nexus is the core of each team’s base, which even without a protector or magic resistance of its own, is difficult to destroy. Mainly because of its 5000 health and ability to regenerate at a rate of 20 health per second. All players start off weak but will increase in strength and capabilities by amassing items and experience throughout the game. The team that succeeds in destroying the opponent’s Nexus wins the battle.