Gambling Addiction and Online Gaming: A Study of Students

Many students spend their free time playing video games online, and this is generally seen as a healthy pastime. The risks of online gaming, such as the development of gambling addiction, should be considered, though. Loot boxes and virtual casinos are just two forms of gambling in various popular video games. Because of how these features are constructed, players may be unable to limit the time and money they devote to the game.

Several Risks of Gaming and Gambling for Students

Addiction to video games and gambling sites presents several problems for students.

Access to Inappropriate Content

Online games and gambling websites may contain inappropriate or harmful content, such as violence or pornography, which can negatively impact a student’s development and well-being.

Gaming-related Injuries

Students who engage in online gaming for extended periods may risk developing repetitive strain injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, or other physical injuries from sitting for long periods.

Sleep Problems

Online gaming can interfere with a student’s sleep schedule. It leads to problems such as insomnia or disrupted sleep patterns.

Lack of Social Skills

Students who spend a significant amount of time playing online games may miss out on social experiences and face-to-face interactions. It leads to a lack of development in social skills and potentially impacting their ability to form healthy relationships.