Judi Gambling Addiction: Gender Matters?

Admitting addiction is hard for anyone, but even harder for women. Gambling addiction in women is still a very stigmatized topic today. This stems, at least in part, from the previous stereotype that gambling was a male-dominated activity. Although the distribution of genders in online casinos has balanced out in recent years, there is a certain lack of adaptation to the female gender.  This is especially true in the treatment of gambling addiction.

Judi online – gender roles have influenced gambling for decades

Judi online

Gambling has historically been a predominantly male pastime. With the expansion of legalized gambling, female participation has increased. Nowadays the ratio of males to females is almost equal.

For a long time, there was a prejudice that women tend to prefer gambling. While men, on the other hand, are looking for a strategy and trust in their own abilities rather than luck. However, studies have shown that gender does not have a decisive impact on gaming preference.

Even with an increase in judi online gambling opportunities for women, gender disparities are still found among young adults. Young adult men were twice as likely to gamble and nearly three times as likely to have gambling problems as young adult women.

There are a number of reasons why young adult males might gamble more and have more problems. On the one hand, adult men expect more positive benefits from gambling. At the same time, for men, masculinity is proven by showing their skill and fearlessness in certain situations. Online casinos, especially no-table limit casinos, can offer men a chance to show off just how skilful and fearless they can be. Given this social norm, it is not surprising that men have traditionally gambled more.

Do men and women have different motives for judi online gambling?

Regardless of gender, winning money directly is said to be the main motivation for players. The second is the thrill. Socializing matters more for men, as women rarely go to casinos, arcades, or other gambling machines. In surveys, it has been noticed that men give more reasons for gambling than women. Excitement is one of the main reasons for playing, and they like to compete against other players in tournaments.

Relevant studies on the subject of gambling addiction have repeatedly shown that women want to free themselves from emotional stress and worries or hide them by gambling. For men, on the other hand, gambling is motivated by the prospect of winning or the exercise of power.