Games of Chance in Traditional and Online Casinos

Traditional and online casinos (우리카지노) offer almost the same classic games. However, there is what’s so-called the little game and the big game. Let’s find out which ones are classified as little or big.

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Little game

Slot machines in casinos or casinos are also referred to as “small games” – in contrast to the “big games”, which include poker, roulette, or blackjack, for example.

Especially the famous and so-called “one-armed bandits” are known to many people when it comes to gaming machines. This name comes from a time when the gaming machines were still started with a lever.

Similar to slot machines in amusement arcades or restaurants , the aim of the game is that three to five symbols remain in a matching position. The variants of the small game also include roulette and other winning machines. The stake is usually between 1 cent and € 250.00. Winnings are paid out immediately, they can be very high with up to € 50,000.00. However, the likelihood of such a substantial gain is extremely slim.

Big game

Roulette and card games (blackjack, poker, baccarat) in casinos are part of what is known as the “big game” in casinos.

Before the game, an amount of money is exchanged for chips , which then serve as stakes. After the game, the remaining chips and any chips that may have been won are exchanged for real money.

The winnings, which can range from doubling the amount of money to 35 times its value, are paid out immediately. The game of poker has enjoyed great popularity in recent years , especially on online platforms and in the context of public poker tournaments.

In casinos, poker is one of the traditional card games in which different players compete against each other. The aim of the game is to collect cards with the highest possible value and to lead the other players astray by bluffing. Although people differ in their ability to bluff, in poker, too, chance determines to a large extent whether a game is won or lost. In this sense, poker is also a game that depends on luck – a game of chance.

Black Jack is a card game in which the players compete against the bank. A game is won when either the card value reaches 21 or a value closer to 21 than the bank’s card value. Baccarat follows a similar game principle as Black Jack – here too the aim of the game is to reach a certain card value (nine points) or to come as close as possible to this card value. In contrast to Black Jack, the players do not play against a bank, but against each other.

What risk potential does gambling in casinos and online casinos pose?

The offers in casinos are highly addictive:

  • The sequence of the individual games is very fast, even faster than with slot machines in amusement arcades or restaurants . The overview of one’s own profit/loss balance can easily be lost with this variant of gambling, losses when playing at the slot machine can quickly get out of view. Instead, the next game or the hope of the next win beckon.
  • By using tokens , the feeling for the real loss of money can also be lost. The winnings are paid out immediately. Game and win are therefore closer together. As a result, the win acts more as a reward for the previous game.
  • The players are actively involved in the game and can thus gain the (deceptive) impression that they can influence the outcome of the game.
  • The impression of “almost winning” can arise, for example, if only two symbols appear instead of the necessary three, in roulette the neighboring number wins, or in blackjack, the card value barely exceeds 21.

Casinos or (gaming) casinos are licensed by the state and are publicly monitored. Measures to prevent the harmful consequences of gambling are implemented there. For example, the employees in casinos are trained in dealing with gamblers who show problematic gambling behavior. These include, for example, controls at admission and options for blocking players.