Eating is something normal, everyday. We have to eat to survive, but at the same time we also love to eat delicious things. Eating is not just a supply of nutrients that our bodies need to perform their service. It is also pleasure and for some people it is a real passion. Anyone who likes to cook or even stands in the kitchen for work knows this all too well. Just like in real life, video game characters also eat. At ‘먹튀검증’ you can check the food you are eating. The topic of food is just as diverse as in real life and even in video and computer games. That’s why we’ll take a closer look at it. So we take us on a culinary journey through virtual worlds.


It is round, yellow and totally devoured. We’re talking about Pac-Man, of course. In the 1980 arcade game of the same name, he feeds not only yellow pills, but also fruit, such as cherries. Because even the spherical being knows that this is healthy – and gives extra points. Since Pac-Man, the meaning and purpose of pixel eating in games has changed. Surely there are still titles today in which edibles are simply a points supplier. Just think of the “Candy Crush” games. In which, you sort candy according to the match 3 principle so that rows of at least three objects of the same type form within the grid.


Especially in role-playing games, food serves as a healing item. If there is no healing potion at hand, you just reach for the apple or the meat leg. In the classic Secret of Mana, there are no alchemical fluids that regenerate your life energy. Here, candies, chocolate and jam prevent you from blessing the temporal. Walnuts, on the other hand, replenish the mana you need to cast spells.

In various games, food also looks slightly different from a healing potion. While the latter immediately restores a fixed amount of life energy, bread, meat and co provide an effect that gradually regenerates lost life points over a period of a few seconds. A well-known example of this is World of Warcraft. In Blizzard Entertainment’s MMORPG, it used to be standard that after a few fights you had to sit down and feed something to regain strength. Healing potions, on the other hand, were more expensive than food and were only drunk in emergencies during a struggle, so as not to suddenly find themselves in front of the nearest spiritual healer.


In role-playing games, food is sometimes more, sometimes less important, but never really a core element. But this is also different, as survival games prove. These focus on the fight for survival and this includes not only defending themselves against zombies (DayZ), wild animals (Subnautica) or cannibalistic natives (The Forest), but also regularly eating and drinking. Therefore, it is important to explore the game world to find food, be it any canned food or what nature has to offer (plants or animals that can be killed). Ideally, you’ll grow your own edibles in your base. Each Minecraft player will sooner or later have fields in survival mode that they order, as well as an enclosure with pigs or cows.

In survival games, food is not just consumables that have an effect on one’s own character. It is usually about a whole game system, called crafting. In addition to the production of tools or the construction of your own shelter, cooking also plays an important role. If you kill a water pig or tapir in Green Hell, for example, you shouldn’t just get your way with raw meat. After all, this is not healthy. So you fry it over a campfire.


In addition, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild celebrates the themes of cooking and eating. When you prepare a dish, the ingredients jump in the pot and result in a distinctive sound, which is actually to be categorized as music, especially since Link hums appropriately. And when you take your meal to you, a sympathetic animation is played of how the hero stuffs the food into himself and then pats his belly to signal: “I am well nourished”.