Clauses to Watch out before You get eSport Bonus

There is no easy way or shortcut to find the best odds when betting. This is regardless of whether you are playing in online betting sites such as or in eSports betting platform. In the latter, the betting markets will normally offer odds that are varying across sportsbooks.

It doesn’t matter if it is an in-play odds or an upcoming match winner odds, comparing the potential winnings throughout multiple eSports betting sites can help you have informed decisions and on where to place bets. Needless to say, there’s more information to be taken into the mind than just matching odds. But just keep reading to know more about proper and optimal eSports betting.

eSports Bonuses

Among the biggest challenges for new players is going to be the bonus offered at a certain eSports betting site. While almost every sportsbook is offering a welcome bonus for its newly signed-up players, not all bonuses are the same. Also, there might be some terms and conditions not clearly stipulated.

Therefore, before making your initial deposit to a sportsbook based on their attractive offer, it is highly recommended to read about their terms first and foremost. While reading, check out for the following:

Wage Requirements

Every bonus comes with a wagering requirement. This is basically the multiplier of the deposit plus the bonus that should be wagered by the punter before withdrawing the bonus winnings. In casinos for example, the wagering requirement is usually 40x or even more.

Whereas in sportsbooks, they have the tendency to offer somewhere around 3 to 10 times. Obviously, the lower the wage requirement, the higher the chance of getting that bonus faster.

Minimum Odds

To be able to steer clear of easily paying out, many eSports betting sites will incorporate the odds clause. This states that only bets that are made with odds above “x” contribute to the wage requirement. Minimum odds could be as low as 1.5 but, it isn’t new to find minimum odds ranging in 2 or more. This isn’t a problem for underdog bettor but it would be worth avoiding bonuses that are demanding unfavorable odds.

Max Winnings

The max wins are often applied to the no-deposit bonuses such as risk-free bets or free bets. This particular clause is put in place in order to avoid bookmakers giving away 5 dollars and have the player turn it into a thousand. Free money regardless of how it is obtained is free money. But if in case that the max win limit is set too low, then you might want to check elsewhere.