We’re glad to announce that VLG PUBLISHING signed a multi-product exclusive contract with Studio V

Founded in 2016 by Italian screenwriter Giacomo Masi and Italian developer Samuele Zolfanelli, Studio Oneiros, from now on Studio V, is a developer involved in the creation of impactful narrative titles, drawing on an experience gained in the field of television production and graphic novels. Studio V’s debut title is Dry Drowning, a sci-fi adventure set in a dark metropolis, where the boundary between good and evil is always blurred, and the tormented characters are described in their dark and bright hard-boiled aspects.


With its highly suggestive storytelling, a captivating art direction and a compelling soundtrack, Dry Drowning, soon to be published by VLG PUBLISHING, after obtaining a special mention in the IndiePrize competition held at the Gamerome Developers Conference 2018, has been selected among the 30 finalist titles featured in the EGS – European Game Showcase, a selection of European video games presented at the Game Developers Conference, which will be held from March 18th to 22nd 2019 in San Francisco, USA.