Check out some amazing international reviews of our game Dry Drowning!

“A fresh take on the visual novel” SCORE: 8
Cultured Vultures

“A little gem for eyes and ears […] that manages to find a way into gamers’ hearts thanks to a story full of effective devices, plot twists and multiple endings that enhance its longevity without in any way lowering the general quality” – SCORE: 8.5

“A very interesting product that aims to raise the reputation of the Italian school, focusing on the most successful narrative dynamics of recent years and revisiting them, in order to provide a new, anxious and claustrophobic experience” – SCORE: 8

Dry Drowning is a superb graphic novel with point-and-click gameplay. It’s story is gripping from start to finish and trust me, you’ll want to see each ending.” – SCORE: 8.5


Dry Drowning is NOW AVAILABLE on Steam, GOG, Utomik and Itch.io!

Steam: http://bit.ly/drydrowning-steam
GOG.com: http://bit.ly/drydrowning-gog
Utomik: http://bit.ly/drydrowning-utomik
Itch.io: http://bit.ly/drydrowning-itch