ExtremeLot is a digital fantasy Role Play Game, based on chat interaction.
Instead of gathering around a table and live roleplaying, players create stories and describe their characters’ actions on an online group chat.
Characterized by mechanics and atmospheres inspired by Tolkien saga “The Lord of the Rings”, “DragonLance” and “Dungeons & Dragons”ExtremeLot has been one of the most successful play-by-chat online RPG for over twenty years. Boasting more than 600.000 registered players overall, it represents the first and most renowned role play community in Italy.

● ExtremeLot is a fantasy virtual world with potentially endless possibilities and just one rule: every action and interaction between players must be described through game chat
● Create your own avatar, choose from more than 10 different classes and plunge into a life made of pure imagination
● Personality, background, role, attitude of your character only depend on your originality and writing skills
● Get ready to explore unknown territories, engage bloody fights, join guilds made of brave fighters and deal with fantasy creatures like vampires, werewolves, elves, angels and demons
● Even after twenty years, ExtremeLot is an ever expanding world with continuous improvements, new features and a more alive than ever online community

ExtremeLot has played its own role in our country internet history, back when modern social networks and ADSL didn’t exist yet.
After almost twenty years online, in 2017 the owners decided to shut down their own creation and the news got reported on several websites and even newspapers such as “La Stampa”, one of the most renowned ones in Italy.
However, starting from April 2018 VLG PUBLISHING took over the game and worked alongside with two of the three original creators to breathe life into the project and take it back to its golden age.

03 Gen: Nuova gestione OGGETTI

Grazie ai suggerimenti del “crowd-thinking”, la condivisione collaborativa dell’evoluzione di LOT, oltre 80 giocatori hanno contribuito con idee e indicazioni,…

ExtremeLot 2.1 is finally a reality!
Join its fantasy world and take part in the evolution of the biggest RPG Italian community!
For more info visit ExtremeLot official site and follow their official social pages