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Thanks to several years of experience in the video game industry, VLG PUBLISHING is able to provide a wide range of professional services and assistance in production, publishing and distribution of video games.
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Given that our goal is to work alongside some of the game industry’s greatest talent, we are going to follow developers step by step, from initial concept to final product.
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We are going to support them with tailored feedbacks and effective solutions in order to help them creating, improving and eventually place their game on the market.
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Our team will carefully evaluate each aspect of the product, ranging from gameplay to marketability, going through sales potential, user experience and asset quality.
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In addition to this, we will take care of the business development, marketing & PR and we will contribute to develop a strategy to deliver your game on time and in budget.


Video Game Concept

We can leverage our extensive experience to help you create a strong and deliverable concept, whether it’s a brand new one or a market staple driven one

Video Game Production

We can help developers during each stage of the video game production process, from initial marketing analysis to creative input and project management


In order to support developers with building and improving their game we are able to provide them with technical and human resources from our internal development team “StudioV”

Branding and Licensing

We can help you develop a strong and ongoing brand strategy, giving access to exclusive brands and company licensing, providing a strong individuality in the gaming environment and eventually exporting the brand to expand business horizons

Marketing & PR

We will assist you from creative design to worldwide media advertising, in order to you to effectively reach the right user base and develop an even more profitable business

Business Development

We will help you plan your local & global sales strategies, supplying physical and digital retail distribution and market delivery in order to provide you with long-term value and business growth

Finance and Accounting

Our team will constantly take care of financial and accounting issues and will make sure to keep your project on track and in budget


We will provide you with legal advices to draw up any kind of contract and achieve fair contractual conditions

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