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VLG is a publishing service company made of people who have been working in the game industry for several years and with an extensive knowledge of Marketing, PR, Business development, Distribution and much more.

Based in Milan (Italy), VLG started its journey about one year ago and it’s set up with the goal of working with games that tell strong stories and cast an eye on culture, while bringing truly memorable entertainment to gamers across the spectrum, whether on PC, console or mobile, and wherever in the world they may be playing.

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It is with great pleasure that ImaginaryLab and VLG present to you Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town, an upcoming point-and-click adventure set in a modern pirate world! 🏴‍☠️

Are you a fan of Monkey Island? Have you ever wondered how a pirate town would look like nowadays?
Arrr! Then, embark on a magic journey full of mystery and irony, explore a town populated by wacky figures and shady pirates, solve puzzles and investigate the disappearance of Willy’s father. But remember: you can’t trust anyone. Will you be able to cut through lies and put the pieces together? 🧩🕵️‍♂️

Willy Morgan is coming later this year on Steam. Add it to your Wishlist and follow our social pages to stay up to date! We have great news to share with you soon!


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After a successful launch on PC across the West, VLG is excited to announce it has partnered with Chinese publishing powerhouse WhisperGames to bring investigative thriller Dry Drowning to Asian markets.

Thanks to this partnership, the game will launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch across China, Japan, and South Korea.

The two publishers joined forces to provide the best experience possible to the Chinese audience who has been so supportive from the very beginning. The text has been already translated in Chinese, preserving the nuances and authenticity of the original language.

Dry Drowning is NOW AVAILABLE in Chinese language on Steam and GOG.com
Dive into the grim, cyberpunk world of Dry Drowning!

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